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This unique company rents the largest collection of vintage umbrellas in the world and sells a full line of umbrella and general "stay-dry" products, including their very own custom Pagoda umbrella that has been featured in multiple commercials, TV shows and movies. 

Bella Umbrella partnered with Bright Spectrum to build thier first fully-functional ecommerce site in 2010 with an early integration of our own custom WA State Destination Tax add-on for AspDotNetStorefront.  The site helped give Bella Umbrella national exposure and sales and demand increase so much so they opened a storefront in the Pike Place Market 2013. When the new storefront opened, we were tasked with a redesign where we added integration between online store and the in-store LightSpeed point-of-sale system and integration with Avalara AvaTax. 

In 2012, we developed a second, rental-focused website that allowed Bella Umbrella to rent out its vintage umbrellas to a nationwide audience. The site featured a fully custom rental system that took into account their unique rental delivery process, which calculated turn-around times, return shipping and only allowed users to keep a product in pending status for a limited period of time. We built this system on top of an AspDotNetStorefront backend which allowed it to have a similar checkout process as a regular purchase site.  

Originally based in Seattle, Bella Umbrella relocated to New Orleans in 2016 and the sites were redesigned by a local company.


New Orleans, Louisiana
Bella Umbrella, Inc.
Depict Creative (Seattle, WA)
Tech used
AspDotNetStorefront (.NET)
Web development, Hosting, On-going maintenance, API integration
Archived - Commerce site
Archived - Rental site
Originally 2010, 2013

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