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Xperience by Kentico

Kentico Xperience, is an all-in-one web content management, e-commerce and digital experience platform.

Kentico Xperience has multiple editions and hosting options. Visit the Kentico website for complete details about the differences between versions.

Kentico Xperience Business typically has more than everything we need to create and maintain a top-flight lead generation or ecommerce site. Its management capabilities are second-to-none and the administration is easy to learn and use. It is full of advanced features including:

  • integrations for social media
  • support of multiple sites
  • support of  multilingual content
  • built in form management
  • a complete API for integrations
  • an Integration BUS for syncronization betwen other platforms.

Kentico Xperience Enterprise's features and tools are added that transform it into a complete communications hub (see What is a Digital Experience Platform).  The most commonly requested features that this version offers are:

  • Automated translation
  • Advanced workflows -
  • Content personalization


What is a Digital Experience Platform?

The functionality between Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) and web content management systems (WCMS) often overlap, not only adding another acronym to the mix but also making it difficult to determine what you need and when. 

To keep it simple, a DXP, helps you round out your communication infrastructure by taking all the features of a CMS and more complex customer-focused content features on top of it, this  includes, the ability to test content effectivieness though A/B testing, the ability to create email marketing campaigns complete with landing pages and tracking, content personalization and action-triggered email automation, but can include much more.

As an all-in-one solution, a DXP can be positioned to partially or fully replace redundent systems in your marketing technology stack.

Kentico Xperience Services

Front-end web production

Ready to have that site built? We can build out your full site using the latest HTML, CSS and JS techniques.

Version upgrades

Upgrade your old Kentico site, its webparts and its integrations to the latest version or a supported version in between.

Site translation/localization

Have us create a new language domain from any langauage using the Xperience Enterprise built-in translation integration. 

Platform migrations

We can rebuild your current site on the Kentico platform so that you can get all the features without needing to update your design.


Custom coding

We can build custom modules or create new integrations using the Kentico API for your specific business needs.

Content administration

We can help with regular content updates and administration through our maintenance services.

Xperience 13 transition

Transition your pre version 13 site from Portal Engine to the future of Kentico - .NET Core.

Kentico hosting

Ready to move your hosting from on-premises to the cloud? Hit us up for Azure cloud hosting services.

Configuration and optimization

Adding new workflows, permissions and helping optimize other features of the Kentico platform.  

Hit us up!