Custom Web

When out-of-the-box won't do. Bright Spectrum offers solutions for systems integration, platform customization and more

Many web companies out there are more like 'web builders' without the capability or resources to actually program for your needs and unique business requirements, instead they offeri third-party plug-in solutions that require you to settle for whatever can be pulled off the shelf.  Bright Spectrum has a wealth of experience in creating customized, fully integrated solutions to fit your exact business requirements. This experience extends to integrating with various platforms and and business applications.

Our integration experience includes:

  • Thomson Reuters Elite
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Click Dimensions
  • Avalara
  • Lightspeed POS
  • Social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc.)
  • Right Intel
  • Custom web services and APIs
  • And others.


Benefits of working with Bright Spectrum

Full solution oriented

We work with you to evaluate your current and forward-looking needs and to recognize your broader, long-term business goals. We apply our understanding of a range of technology in order to obtain the right solution for the best long-term results. 

Limited "techno-babble"

We are customer-focused. We speak a language customers understand (usually English without unnecessary tech-talk) and clearly showcase the capabilities and benefits of the solutions offered.

Experienced and trusted

Bright Spectrum has years of experience, a proven process, and a documented history of delivering on time and budget. We're adamant about being realistic when it comes to cost and time. 

We stand by our solutions

We are confident in our quality of work and support all web sites and applications for free for 60 days after delivery and we have unlimited support on custom work.

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